Government Relations

We provide clients with legislative and administrative government relations services, including lobbying and advocacy; drafting bills, amendments, position papers and rulemaking comments; strategy and planning; directing and participating in coalitions and grassroots campaigns; vendor representation; legal analysis; monitoring and reporting; and, importantly, securing and maintaining access to government officials.

Our attorneys’ experience, coupled with the political and lobbying experience of our government relations professionals, positions us to assist our clients in influencing the legislative, regulatory and policy decisions affecting them.

We maintain a presence at the Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia State Capitols during legislative sessions, attending committee meetings and closely monitoring House and Senate Sessions. In an effort to monitor and advocate effectively, we review and monitor bills and amendments and produce comprehensive weekly reports of actions on topics of interest to our clients. Our team strives to maintain consistent communication with clients and each other.

At our client’s direction, and in coordination with their government relations practitioners, our team assists in the development of a government affairs strategy, presents information, observations, opinions and arguments to meet our clients’ objectives. In addition, the team monitors hearings and regulatory proceedings at all levels of government involving issues important to our clients and agrees to be called upon to assist in the preparation and delivery of analysis, testimony, regulatory comments and other materials necessary for company presentations. Our team also helps plan and coordinate meetings between our clients and elected officials to discuss issues and proposals.