Strike Preparation/Litigation

In anticipation of a strike, we provide both practical training and legal advice to the employer and its supervisors letting everyone know what to expect, how best to prepare, and what to do in the event of a strike.  If a strike occurs, we move immediately to obtain any injunction necessary and react quickly throughout the strike to situations that arises. 

Whether it involves an organizing effort, a secondary boycott strike, a peaceful contract strike or serious acts of violence, our team represents and advises companies on preparation, evidence gathering, handling unemployment comp questions, getting people across picket lines, and filing NLRB charges.  We obtain state court peace-keeping injunctions; litigating Section 303 damage suits for lost profits and damages due to an unlawful and/or violent strike; and have obtained very rare Norris-LaGuardia injunctions and litigated RICO cases following extreme violence. 

We provide assistance to employers concerning the many legal and practical issues present before, during and after the strike ends.  From the beginning to end, we offer our clients the counsel they need to navigate strikes in the most effective and efficient way to meet their business goals and weather the disruption a strike brings their business.

When there is a serious threat of a strike, it's critical to have a team that knows the law and has experience with the practical issues that often arise before, during and after a strike.