Allegations are often enough – sowing seeds of doubt in the marketplace and drawing scrutiny from customers, regulators and the media.  Defending your business, including its products, processes and people is paramount; however, the best path forward may not always be the obvious choice.

Tort law is a unique area of civil litigation with its own burdens, defenses, remedies and duties.  Litigation involving hundreds or thousands of plaintiffs, case filings in multiple jurisdictions and matters involving numerous law firms requires strategic and tactical coordination.  We regularly guide businesses through complex litigation, with an emphasis on minimizing disruption, preserving value and mitigating risk.

Our tort attorneys serve clients in a variety of capacities, including as national coordinating counsel, co-counsel, and also as regional or local counsel in state, federal and appellate courts across the country.  In addition to their knowledge of the law, our attorneys apply a wide range of skills, including formal training in medicine, nursing, pharmacy and engineering, to test and develop effective litigation strategies.  As appropriate, our tort litigation team draws upon members of the firm’s environmental law practice and their insight derived as former federal and state regulators as well as their experience handling complex administrative, civil, and criminal environmental matters.

Our experiences have resulted in a set of sophisticated case management applications and procedures that enable us to efficiently and effectively manage complex tort cases – conducting discovery of large numbers of plaintiffs; coordinating written discovery responses for cases pending in multiple jurisdictions; and managing extremely large document productions.  We also handle specific document production needs such as the creation of privilege logs and document depository guides.

Because a company’s reputation is one of its most enduring assets, we also offer clients our experience and counsel when addressing legal matters with stakeholders or the media.  Many of our tort team members have received formal media relations training and are experienced in working with clients to develop public relations strategies.

Allegations create doubt.  Together, we’ll move forward with certainty.