Gaming & Sports Industry

Our attorneys’ experience includes working with some of the largest international and national gaming companies, and we advise clients on compliance with local, state and federal regulations, license applications, fantasy gaming, pari-mutuel handicapping tournaments, account wagering, charitable gaming, promotions and sweepstakes, among other related gaming issues. We also assist gaming clients with their unique labor and employment issues, intellectual property concerns, real estate transactions and corporate structure, corporate governance, and related matters.

We provide legal insight on emerging developments and the changing regulatory and legislative environment within the gaming industry as contributors to Gaming Law Review and Economics, Casino Enterprise Management and Casino Lawyer and through presentations to legal thought leaders, including the ABA Gaming Law Minefield and other gaming conferences.  We are members of the International Masters of Gaming Law, a world-wide network of gaming lawyers and the Fantasy Sports Trade Association.

Pari-Mutuel Wagering, Account Wagering, Online Wagering and Horse Racing Handicapping Tournaments

Our attorneys include the former general counsel to Gulfstream Park and associate general counsel to the then Magna Entertainment Group (now The Stronach Group). Our experience includes state and federal regulatory compliance for pari-mutuel wagering, negotiation of simulcasting contracts and state licensing of gaming companies, including ADW licensing in Oregon, North Dakota and Kentucky. We draft rules and regulations for online fantasy handicapping tournaments. We are also a leading provider to clients of 50 state compliance reviews and legal opinions for payment processing for Advance Deposit Wagering (ADW) companies and other legal online pari-mutuel wagering companies. We are involved in mergers and acquisitions and due diligence in this field. We provide counsel to international gaming companies on federal and state regulatory issues and emerging industries, legislative updates and legal developments and trends in online gaming and sports betting.

Fantasy Sports, eSports, Real-Time Games, Charitable Games and Changing Regulations

As the marketplace evolves, so do local, state and federal regulations, and our attorneys counsel clients to ensure they can advance their offerings while complying with state and federal law. We advise clients on the regulatory scheme surrounding the online gaming industry, including fantasy sports, eSports, and real-time gaming.    We assist gaming companies in raising funds, as well as advise investors on the legal risks associated with investing in gaming businesses.   In addition, we assist gaming companies by drafting game rules,  terms of service and privacy policies, negotiating contracts with their statistics providers, endorsers, influencers and business partners,  as well as assisting with opinion letters to payment processors concerning the legality of ADW (horse racing) and their games under state and federal law.

We also advise non-profit and other clients on charitable gaming issues, including raffles and other games and have conducted analysis for clients regarding Internet sweepstakes and the legality of certain types of games.


Our litigators understand the best way to advocate for clients means thinking about both the immediate impact and the broader context of an eventual outcome.  We represent clients in contractual disputes, protection of intellectual property, corporate, and partnership matters in related or threatened litigation.


Our attorneys know the hurdles new legislation must clear before becoming law and have past experience sponsoring legislation within the industry, including measures authorizing pari-mutuel betting on video re-runs of previously run horse races.

We also represent clients who join other gaming entities fighting against litigation from anti-gaming groups.

Casino development

Our attorneys represent developers who are building casinos or tribal gaming properties across the country and counsel them on reviewing and preparing development and finance-related agreements, equipment leases, and real property acquisitions.

Electronic funds and transfer

We assist fantasy and wagering companies by establishing and negotiating electronic payment relationships. This includes helping clients create programs to ensure compliance with anti-money laundering (AML) and Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) rules and regulations. We assist clients in establishing and maintaining electronic payment program managers, allowing for the processing of credit and debit cards, electronic funds transfers, ACH. and mobile phone authentication, all within AML and OFAC compliance.

Intellectual Property

As gaming innovators create new methods of play, our attorneys help protect their ideas, inventions, works, trademarks and trade secrets. We manage and prosecute patent and trademark portfolios for companies of all sizes within the horse racing and Internet-based fantasy sports industries. We also provide consultation for IP filings, enforcement and licensing strategies for traditional and online-based gaming companies.


Our attorneys represent college coaches, administrators and student-athletes in NCAA enforcement and infractions matters and counsel college coaches and their staffs on compliance related issues, including the NCAA’s Institutional Control Bylaw and Head Coach Responsibility Bylaw. We also represent coaches and administrators in employment-related matters, such as contract negotiations and separation agreements. Our attorneys also handle Title IX cases on behalf of student-athletes, represent and counsel student-athletes on amateurism and eligibility issues at the collegiate level and the high school level.