Trademark Procurement/Management & Copyright
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Our trademark and copyright team protects our clients’ brands and content, both domestically and abroad, by counseling clients from initial concept to clearance, registration, brand development, advertising content, and licensing through registration and continued maintenance.  Our team is provides counseling, enforcement and defense of claims involving trademarks, copyrights, advertising, domain names and unfair competition, and other forms of non-patent intellectual property. Our dedicated trademark and copyright attorneys have experience across a range of specialized industries.  Our team’s insight and strategic, business-focused approach to trademark and copyright issues give us a unique perspective when advising companies in all industries, including consumer products, luxury goods, retail services, digital media, craft beer, manufacturing, financial services and health care.


Our team of trademark attorneys guides clients through all aspects of trademark protection and strategy, including domestic and international clearance of new marks, prosecution of applications through registration, pursuing and defending opposition and cancellation proceedings before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, trademark portfolio maintenance, licensing, UDRP proceedings, and federal and state litigation.

We understand the complexities of today’s global market and the impact it can have on trademark strategy, both in building a brand and defending it.  Knowing every business is unique, our team works with each client to understand the business to craft the best strategy for the strongest, most versatile and cost-effective trademark protection strategy.  When needed, our team defends and enforces client brands from threats both domestic and abroad.  We defend client trademarks from standard proceedings, such as federal and state litigation or Trademark Trial and Appeal Board proceedings to more creative strategies with law enforcement agencies, U.S. Customs, domain name proceedings, anti-counterfeiting implementations, social media takedowns and the Federal Trade Commission. 

Global Trademark Prosecution and Portfolio Maintenance

We work with clients to strategically and effectively secure trademark protection for their brands both domestically and abroad.  From initial clearance to registration, we guide clients through the trademark registration process ensuring the protection matches their business needs and goals. 

We understand success isn’t possible without the right team ensuring proper maintenance of trademark portfolios.  Our dedicated team of attorneys, paralegals and staff across the nation has built a comprehensive internal management system combined with a state-of-the-art docketing system to ensure consistent, strategic, cost-effective and, more importantly, on-time handling of portfolios.   To ensure a healthy portfolio, our team conducts trademark audits to make sure the marks being maintained match the goals and geographic reach of our clients’ business. 

As the market grows increasingly global, we know the value in having the right partners abroad, as well.  Our team has partnerships with counsel in every country to ensure no matter where the trademark needs to be, we have a partner to assist.  This network of attorneys enables us to provide our global clients with tailored advice and cost-effective service resulting in stronger trademark protection.

Licensing of Trademarks and Copyrights

Our team counsels clients through all aspects of trademark and copyright licensing, including counseling clients on the best approaches and terms for such licenses.  Whether it’s a standard intercompany trademark license or a complex license for the use of brands or content in a new category, we guide clients to the best possible outcome while ensuring their trademarks and copyrights remain protected. 

Social Media, Emerging Technologies and the Internet

We understand in today’s society disputes and infringements don’t just happen in brick and mortar stores.  Instead, most issues can arise in the digital space, whether on the web, on social media pages, in apps or other emerging technologies.  We are well versed in these types of challenges and have utilized creative strategies to overcome these infringers.   From domain name proceedings to takedowns on social media to infringing advertising on search engines or mobile app disputes, our team takes a tailored approach to ensure success for our clients in the real world and the digital one. 

False Advertising

Our attorneys know the importance and value in advertising, both in developing successful campaigns and defending against claims.  In working with clients, we learn their advertising goals and mission, enabling us to better identify and advise on potential areas of concern.  This proactive ensures our clients meet their goals, while avoiding standard advertising pitfalls that can lead to problems down the road.  When called upon, we monitor our client’s industry and competitors for issues and pursue false advertising claims, utilizing litigation when necessary to ensure our client’s business remains protected.

Counterfeit Products, Diverted Goods and Unauthorized Sales

We assist our clients in halting the sale of counterfeit products, diverted goods and goods sold through unauthorized channels.  Our attorneys are experienced in matters involving grey market goods, knock offs, counterfeits and sales that are not authorized by the brand owner.  We counsel our clients to help them achieve better control over how, when and where their products are sold.  We are experienced in enforcement efforts involving all aspects of products sold without consent of the brand owner.


We understand ownership and protection are keys to successful enforcement of your rights.  Our team has experience in all aspects of copyright protection ranging from filing of copyright applications with the U.S. Copyright Office to licensing of content to enforcement of rights against third parties.  We work with clients to identify issues before they arise with respect to ownership, creation and development of copyrighted works.   

Our team knows no single copyrighted work is the same.  We build partnerships with our clients to better understand their business goals and the copyrighted works they possess to allow for more strategic protection and enforcement of their works.  We have a history of successfully enforcing our clients’ works and resolving claims of infringement against them. 

Entertainment Law

As one of the preeminent entertainment law firms in the Midwest, we have experience counseling entertainment clients in nearly every facet of the industry. We have handled a wide range of intellectual property matters for our clients, including copyright and trademark protection and enforcement, clearance searches, product licensing, advertising, and merchandising agreements. 

Trade Secrets

Our attorneys proactively protect our clients’ trade secrets and identify exposure threats.  We develop programs and policies to enable them to move forward with confidence in the protection of their trade secrets. Our work includes preparing non-disclosure, non-competition and confidentiality agreements uniquely tailored to our clients’ business, as well as negotiating with third parties to protect clients from liability. We understand the threats posed by social media and digital information and develop detailed policies to address clients’ concerns. Each client’s trade secrets are unique, and we partner with our clients to craft a strategy to fit their immediate and future needs.