Public Utilities Industry

We are a full-service practice group able to meet the needs of established and new ventures in the public utilities industries. The attorneys and legal professionals in our group have in-house counseling experience and practice extensively before state public utility commissions, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, the North American Electric Reliability Corporation, the U.S. Department of Energy, and the Federal Communications Commission, in addition to state and federal courts. Members of our team have experience lobbying and working with federal, state and local lawmaking bodies regarding new legislation, ordinances and regulations affecting the utility industries.

Our attorneys have experience advising investor-owned, cooperative and municipal utilities in all types of matters affecting the electric, natural gas, wireline and wireless telecommunications, water, and sewage industries.  We are also counsel to independent power producers (IPPs), Internet service providers (ISPs), cable communications companies, and renewable energy companies in the wind, solar, landfill gas, biodiesel, ethanol, and other emerging industry fields.

Our advice runs the gamut of the industry’s matters. From regulatory compliance advising to regulatory enforcement or complaint matters, our attorneys have the skill, as well as the experience to help protect your business. We have advised and, when necessary, successfully litigated rate cases, territorial and market behavior disputes, regulatory investigations, complaint proceedings, reliability matters, change-in-control proceedings, certificate of public convenience and necessity (CPCN) proceedings, eminent domain matters, pole attachment disputes, eligible telecommunications carrier (ETC) matters, tax matters, tariff filings, wireless spectrum allocation, and wireless license transfers.

We also assist clients with strategic matters such as those involving the review, assessment and implementation of cybersecurity measures; the development and advocacy of communications and/or energy policies; merger and acquisition regulatory review/assistance; and the negotiation of utility-specific commercial transactions, often involving large industrial users and economic development rates.