Beer, Wine & Spirits Industry

We represent breweries, distilleries, wineries, cider companies and other alcoholic beverage producers across the U.S. and internationally in business, regulatory, intellectual property and litigation matters. Our attorneys have represented these entities from every stage of their business, from formation to operation to final sale or closure.

We understand the complexities and inner workings of today’s craft beer and alcohol markets and the impact it can have on business, intellectual property, regulatory or litigation strategy. Knowing every brewery or distillery is unique, our team works with each client to understand the business and craft the best strategy for the strongest and most effective outcome for the business. Whether helping protect a brewery or beer name, defending against claims of infringement, negotiating real estate contracts, providing counsel on distribution, drafting contract brewing agreements, raising financing for expansion, establishing employee benefits plans, litigating a dispute, or advising on regulatory issues unique to the industry, our team of attorneys has the experience and expertise to develop a tailored, business-focused approach through all legal hurdles our clients may face.

In addition to our work directly with craft breweries and other alcoholic beverage producers, we have also worked directly with distributors, wholesalers, importers and retailers, giving us insight into every tier of the alcoholic beverage industry. This unique experience helps our team provide better and closely tailored solutions to the legal issues our clients face freeing them so they can concentrate on their business and what’s really important, brewing or distilling a great product.

As a national, full-service firm, our counsel includes:


  • Corporate structure,

  • Financing, start-ups,

  • Licensing issues through state and fed regulators,

  • Contracts,

  • Brewing agreements,

  • Custom crush agreements,

  • Licensing and distribution agreements,

  • Taxes, and

  • Capital raising, lenders/securing ongoing financing and operating expenses.

Intellectual Property

  • Clearance of brands for company and product names,

  • Protection of trademarks with the US Trademark Office and abroad,

  • Protection of trade dress (bottle designs and packaging) with the US Trademark Office and abroad,

  • Review and clearance of advertising copy and can or bottle designs,

  • Consulting on product portfolios for maximum protection of brands,

  • Enforcement of intellectual property rights against infringers, and

  • Defense of claims of trademark or copyright infringement from third parties.

Labor & Employment

  • Benefits,

  • Documentation,

  • Ensuring tied house laws,

  • Employment agreements, and

  • Unique considerations in employment.


  • Shareholders derivative disputes,

  • Disputes with distributors,

  • Partnership disputes,

  • Tax-related litigation,

  • Breach of contract, and

  • Employment discrimination.