Laura D’Angelo Holoubek

The Horse Racing Fantasy Sports Wagering Exception Under the UIGEA

August 14, 2013Articles
Gaming Law Review and Economics

Unlike the sports that form the basis of traditional fantasy sports, such as baseball or football, horse racing is heavily regulated at the state level, by 38 individual state racing commissions. Only one federal law specifically addresses horse racing, and that is the civil act titled the Interstate Horseracing Act, which, as amended, allows the transmission of pari-mutuel wagering on horse racing across state lines. This act and continual revisions to what is considered to be legal in the eyes of sports gambling, make for a very long list of rules and regulations for horse race betting. In order to shed some light on what is legal and what is not, Dinsmore's Laura D’Angelo, Kerry Irwin, Kevin Braig and Andrew Polesovsky worked together to published a guide to the horse racing and fantasy sports wagering exception under the UIGEA. Click the link below to access the full article.

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