Eminent Domain & Valuation

There is no more consequential factor in the success of a real estate transaction than determining the valuation of real estate. Whether serving as the basis for a takings award, real estate taxation appeal or financing, valuation is pivotal to investors, landlords and other property owners.

At Dinsmore, our attorneys bring a successful history in handling property value negotiations and proceedings, working with appraisers and other valuation consultants. We have handled numerous condemnation proceedings, negotiating or litigating for successful awards on behalf of our clients. Additionally, we have represented all types of property owners and tenants in real estate tax appeal hearings or appeals. We are knowledgeable as to the proper appraisal methodologies, allowing us to advocate strenuously for our clients’ value.

Dinsmore understands the complexities of valuing real estate and is prepared to achieve our clients’ objectives in a cost-effective manner.