Data Breach and Incident Response

Our attorneys assist clients with incident response. Starting from the moment the potential breach is discovered, our team:

  • Coordinates response activity with key employees;
  • Helps determine the scope and content of the compromise;
  • Evaluates both practical and legal risks;
  • Connects clients with technical experts;
  • Advises on insurance claims; and
  • Guides clients through the critical analysis of whether a particular compromise constitutes a data breach.

Our Data Breach Team – consisting entirely of attorneys who have personally overseen incident responses on behalf of our clients – is available 24/7/365 at toll free: 1-855-941-5659 and/or [email protected] to provide fast, effective responses. Members of the team has experience in the health care, financial institution, intellectual property and telecommunications fields, ensuring our clients’ responses to potential data breaches comply with applicable regulatory concerns and requirements.

We have experience handling the post-breach process, including:

  • Evaluating and coordinating compliance with data breach notification obligations at the state and federal levels;
  • Working with authorities and regulators on breach reports and any resulting investigations;
  • Handling breach-related litigation and challenges to regulatory actions;
  • Reviewing and revising policies and procedures in light of any deficiencies identified during the incident response process; and
  • Identifying potential policy and practice changes to improve data protections, help prevent future breaches, and improve future incident responses.