Natural Resources

Constantly-evolving technology and increasing regulations have dramatically impacted the business of natural resource extraction. The unique challenges presented by these ever-changing mining and drilling industries demand a thorough knowledge of both the operational and financial aspects of each industry, as well as the far-reaching consequences of every decision.

Top-listed by “The Best Lawyers in America” in mining law, Dinsmore attorneys leverage their extensive legal experience with practical solutions to meet clients’ needs. Mining and natural reserves are heavily scrutinized and regulated. Our detail-oriented approach allows us to handle all facets of contractual agreements, from the negotiating and drafting stages all the way through to execution, and when necessary, litigation. Our knowledge of industry operations and familiarity with complicated financial regulations means Dinsmore is able to effectively represent companies, as well as borrowers and lenders, in the financial arrangements common to the energy industry, including property transfer, mining and drilling interest issues from simple lease assignments to complex, detailed stock purchase agreements between foreign companies acquiring U.S. reserves.

We understand that every client has different goals. Our understanding of energy markets and operations allows us to tailor an approach that best suits a company’s needs within the regulatory framework that guides business and legal decisions. We provide counsel on all aspects of regulated business transactions and resource development, including representation before state and federal administrative agencies, boards and courts. We have represented several industry trade associations and private company members in landmark cases affecting the energy industry. Additionally, our attorneys defend companies against all varieties of civil actions, from mining-related damage suits to claims that a company violated federal or state environmental, safety or employment law statutes.

Our experience aids in the interpretation of complex regulations and evolving legislation that governs natural resources. It ensures we will also provide efficient and cost-effective service to our energy and natural resource clients.