Traditional Governmental Finance

Our attorneys have worked with a variety of state and local government entities to structure financing transactions for projects ranging from street and sidewalk improvements to building airports, stadiums, hospitals, convention facilities and public housing.

We routinely counsel clients at every step of the transaction, from the preparation of authorizing legislation and issuer documentation to managing securities and tax law compliance. Our experience has enabled us to work with all types of investment banking firms, financial institutions, trustees, rating agencies and credit support providers, both in our role as bond counsel and also in providing counsel to underwriters and purchasers. We also provide advice and assistance regarding the impact of fund transfers, refundings, tax levy proceedings, special assessment proceedings, derivative products, bank eligibility, arbitrage and rebate, and continuing disclosure services.

In addition to our counsel on transactional matters, our attorneys also remain active in helping to shape the finance arena. We have worked to draft changes to state statutes, which has not only enabled us to remain ahead of developments that impact our clients, but also has provided us with a detailed knowledge of state and local funding requirements.