Adam T. Harlow

Dinsmore’s Corporate Team Closes Two Substantial Deals for Clients in March

March 30, 2023News Releases

Dinsmore's corporate team continues to demonstrate their exceptional experience in the M&A space with the announcement of two significant deals closed last week. Despite rate hikes, economic uncertainty and a banking crisis that has caused activity in certain sectors of the market to tumble, Dinsmore attorneys are still able to deliver for their clients because of their ability to interpret and react to changing market conditions.

In the first deal closed last week, a Dinsmore team led by Columbus-based Jason Sims, acted as seller side counsel to GreenGas USA and its primary equity owner Climate Action Reserve in its sale to IFM Investors. GreenGas is a fully integrated renewables platform headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina that utiltizes mature technologies to capture, purify and transport biogas from existing organic waste streams that ultimately becomes pipeline quality renewable natural gas (RNG). The acquisition secures long-term investment capital for GreenGas to expand its footprint of RNG projects. The deal team included Adam Harlow, Lacey Scully, Rachel Pressdee, Madison Rittley, Emily Daunhauer, Chris Hammond, Lindsey Adams, Andrew Cranston, Allison Gritton, Greg Kaskey, Helana Darrow, Nicole Nan, Kurt Hunt, Bill Seitz, Kelvin Lawrence, Chris Jones and Joshua Rogers.

In the second deal, George Vincent and Christian Gonzalez led a Dinsmore team of attorneys through the multi-million dollar sale of one of the country’s leading cold chain third party logistics companies. The new partnership greatly boosts frozen food manufacturers access to a network of services offered in the Midwest’s cold storage industry. Throughout the process, the client’s executive team complimented Dinsmore’s approach to negotiations and problem solving to ultimately get to the finish line. The deal team also included Lacey Scully, Vince Mora and Lindsey Adams. Subject matter expertise was added by Greg Kaskey, Chris Hammond, Kelvin Lawrence, Helana Darrow, Mike Mattingly and Tim Hoffman.