Choose to Challenge: Melissa Fann

Meet Melissa Fann

The balancing act of life and career goals will inevitably include points in which you are faced with significant challenges.

What have been the challenges faced in your professional career?

I took a non-traditional path to practicing law by making the decision to attend law school after having a career in clinical research. Being a mother and deciding to switch my career path, I quickly learned how to organize my time and find a healthy balance. I’m sure this challenge is familiar to most women, and it is definitely an experience that bonds us. Thankfully, I’ve found mentors and friends along the way who provided me with advice and encouragement, making this challenge feel less daunting.

What have you learned, what have you taken away from these experiences that helped shape the person you are today?

One of the key takeaways for me in facing my challenge is learning how to establish priorities and not allowing myself to have any guilt over them. I’ve developed relationships with the other working parents here at Dinsmore, and we are all grateful to work at a firm that views work-life blend as a priority.

As women, we put so much pressure on ourselves, and sometimes we feel we have to pick and choose. I learned you do not have to choose, you can do it all. When I was growing up, my mother went back to school and set an amazing example of being present and balancing life and work and making it look easy. The example she set, paired with my own life experience, puts me in the best possible place for continued success and growth in all areas of my life.