Dinsmore Women's Week Q&A: Nancy Lawson

Meet Nancy Lawson, Dinsmore's 4-Decade Attorney

As part of Dinsmore Women's Week, we are highlighting a number of the fantastic women who help make Dinsmore a thriving national entity. Next up is Nancy Lawson, who until her retirement in January, was the longest-tenured female attorney among all Dinsmore lawyers. Nancy still serves as of counsel in Cincinnati. Learn more about her below.

1. What is your current role at Dinsmore, and can you describe your career path to success thus far?

My current role at Dinsmore is retired of counsel partner. I started with Dinsmore in 1980 after graduating from law school in 1975. During my almost 40 years at Dinsmore, I worked on many mass tort national cases, which gave me opportunities to work with lawyers throughout the firm. I was also active in the nonprofit community and was board chair of the Legal Aid Society, Dress for Success, Ronald McDonald House, and the YWCA. I was also active in national litigation organizations, such as IADC (International Association for Defense Counsel) and PLAC (Product Liability Advisory Council).

2. Dinsmore has repeatedly been named a top national firm for women. How has the firm’s focus on inclusion and equality benefited you personally?

Dinsmore’s focus on inclusion and equality benefited me as I was able to be involved in major litigation for the firm. I worked with and became friends with the lawyers at major corporations, and in turn, they referred business to me, which benefited me personally.

3. What advice do you have for women starting their careers?

In addition to working hard and doing the best job possible on every project, my advice for women starting their careers is to get involved in the community, legal organizations, and the firm. Spend time getting out of the office and networking with others and developing a reputation as not only an excellent attorney but a go-to person.

4. What was your first job, and what is your best story from your time working there?

One of my first jobs was as a waitress at a resort in Connecticut. I loved being a waitress, and when I would get stressed out being an attorney, I always thought, Well, I can always go back to being a waitress.

5. What’s something people would be surprised to learn about you?

I was a champion sailor in junior and senior high school. To this day, I love to go on cruises, and I would rather be on big boats than small boats.