2019 CLM Annual Insurance Conference: Mixing and Mingling – Risky or Reasonable for Claims and Coverage Communications to Reside in One File? - and Other Current Issues of Privilege Waiver

March 13-15, 2019

Orlando World Center Marriott 
8701 World Center Drive
Orlando, FL 32821

At the 2019 CLM Annual Conference in Orlando, March 13-15, Rick was selected to help lead a panel discussion of industry leaders on insurance-related privilege issues and ethics issues. The seminar was entitled “Mixing and mingling -- risky or reasonable for claims communications and coverage communications to reside in one file?"  It touched upon: (1) avoiding waiver of attorney client privilege in bad faith claims and other insurance claims; (2) new developments in the case of State ex rel. Shelter Mutual Insurance Co., v. Wagner (June 26, 2018), Mo. App. W.D., where a court upheld claims of privilege; (3) how to protect against hostile plaintiff’s counsel’s attempts to probe insurer representatives at deposition to create an inadvertent waiver of privilege; and (4) strategic choices and options for insurers facing the risk of implied waiver of privilege.