37th Annual NKU Labor-Management Conference

May 15, 2019

Mike Hawkin topic discussion:

Mediation-Negotiation Workshop: The Unique Issues with Mediation of Harassment and Discrimination Claims

With the increased awareness of Harassment and Discrimination Claims in the wake of the me too movement, Courts and parties are more often favoring mediation due of the sensitivity of such situations and the desire for confidentiality and quick resolution. This session will explore the unique approach to mediating such issues including the use of empathy and compassion with reflection of the larger issues facing society.

Tammy Bennett topic discussion: 

Ethical Issues for Attorneys and Employees in the Workplace

Do The Right Thing: Ethical Considerations in Employment: The transforming nature of employment law often presents ethical dilemmas for employment counsel and human resources staff. The session will review the common ethical pitfalls in employment, as well as current issues of importance in the employment law context and professional responsibility.