Building a Culture of Inclusivity: In-House Success Stories From A Muslim Perspective

January 28, 2021 at 12:15pm1:15pm (CDT)
Ala’a Wafa, Mahrukh Hussain, Ayesha Awan Ahmad

In the continuing discussion about improving diversity and inclusion in the legal profession for all marginalized groups, the experience of Muslim attorneys has much to offer. This panel discussion promises a wide-ranging discussion of the factors which have fueled the career success of our panelists and the challenges they have overcome along the way. The panel will also offer their insights on how the legal industry can evolve moving forward, in order to increase the representation of not only Muslims and women, but also other similar underrepresented groups. 

Our panelists, Mahrukh Hussain of the McDonald's Corporation, Ala’a Wafaof Cummins Inc., and Ayesha Awan Ahmad of Ace Hardware Corporation share what has helped them achieve their career goals and what others can learn from their experiences. The panel is moderated by Sara Suleiman and Robert Lucas.