Governor's Equal Employment Opportunity, Diversity and Leadership Conference

October 24, 2018

#MeToo: A Frank Discussion About Responding to Sexual Harassment in the Workplace – Mark Sipek, Matthew Barszcz, and Vanessa Rogers

We’ve seen a significant change in the way workplaces around the country must respond to allegations of all types, most especially sexual harassment. It is clear that no matter the setting, be it public or private sector employment, leaders at all levels must clearly understand the repercussions of this still new ‘sea change’ with respect to what is and is not acceptable. What trends have become evident since this ‘change’ has become clear. How are agencies responding? What are private sector employers doing to be more responsive to these kinds of allegations? How might the public and private sector learn from each other in order to protect the employees we serve? Come listen, engage and offer your thoughts about how to respond to sexual harassment in workplaces across Kentucky.