InfraGard Cincinnati Members Alliance General Meeting

March 14, 2019 at 12:30pm2:30pm (EDT)
Lynn Watson, Director of Compliance and Risk Management, Dinsmore & Shohl
Dinsmore & Shohl LLP

255 East Fifth Street
Suite 1900
Cincinnati, OH 45202

Next month, the ICMA meeting will be held at a new location downtown, and free lunch will be provided. Guests are welcome and CPE certificates will be provided to those who need them.


· Cyber Tabletop Exercise

· The FBI & Private Companies

Cyber Tabletop Exercise

Lynn Watson, director of compliance and risk management for Dinsmore & Shohl, will discuss a cyber tabletop exercise she recently planned for her company–why tabletops are invaluable, how to set one up, who to involve, how it went (for the first time), and lessons learned.

About the Speaker:

As the director of compliance and risk management, Lynn oversees the cyber security team at Dinsmore & Shohl. Lynn’s nearly 30-year career has been in the legal industry, and after 17 years as a litigation paralegal at Dinsmore, she made a career transition to build the firm’s Compliance and Risk Management program. Understanding the complexity of varying workflows throughout the firm, along with the need for security around client data, has been valuable in creating policies and processes that meet contractual and regulatory requirements, contribute to client relationships and reduce risk to the firm, while minimizing disruption of workflow of the attorneys and staff.

Lynn is responsible for the information security program oversight to include policy and procedure implementation, management of security applications and initiatives, ongoing security training and education, and overall protection of firm and client data. She also manages the client assessment program and outside counsel guideline reviews.

The FBI & Private Companies

FBI Special Agent Daniel Kilbourne of the Cincinnati Division will speak about a recent case that illustrates cooperation between the FBI and a victim company. The subject attempted to access a protected computer system without authorization in an effort to obtain client information of customers of the victim company. The subject wanted to use the information to solicit customers to the subject's own similar business. The subject attempted to obtain the information by causing an email containing malware to be sent to a victim company employee; the subject also provided a thumb drive to a victim company employee and directed that, in the event the malware failed, the employee should download the company’s client lists onto the thumb drive. The subject pleaded guilty and is scheduled to be sentenced on March 5, 2019. This presentation is contingent on the Subject's sentencing.

About the Speaker -

Special Agent Kilbourne was the lead investigator in this case. He joined the FBI in 2008 after working for more than a decade in network engineering and system administration for various private -sector companies.