Union Activity in the Tech Sector

April 1, 2021 at 2:00pm3:00pm (EDT)

Amazon, Google and Medium are the most recent examples of tech companies faced with unionization efforts. While each situation is different, there is a common denominator: many of these employees don’t feel their voices are heard or taken seriously.

Unlike traditional “bread and butter” issues typically found in union campaigns, much of the emphasis in these efforts has been on social justice, workplace respect and equality and the company’s mission and priorities.

With the assistance of social media and great pressure being exerted on management by politicians and investors who want these companies to at least remain neutral, unions have an opportunity for the first time in generations to make significant headway in their effort to organize workers across the nation. Perhaps most importantly, both Millennials and Gen Z are increasingly receptive to the idea of organizing and collective bargaining.

This webinar will provide a national perspective on the following key issues:

  • The workplace issues driving union organizing
  • How the pandemic and remote work is exacerbating this trend
  • The advent of “non-traditional” unions and employee associations
  • The impact of the Biden administration, social media and investors on these efforts
  • Proactive steps to implement right now to minimize the risk of unionization

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