A Sounding Board for the Cincinnati Reds

Before claims become cases
Reds turn to Dinsmore for workers’ comp insight

Workplace and employee safety are paramount to the success of every business, especially one as high-profile as a professional baseball team.  When the unfortunate does occur, having the right counsel oftentimes makes all the difference and for the Reds, that’s Dinsmore.

Dinsmore attorneys serve as a sounding board for the Cincinnati Reds, offering strategies and advice to help the club maintain their consistent, efficient and cost-effective approach to handling workers’ compensation claims.  Collectively, Dinsmore’s nationwide network of personal contacts, working relationships and industry leaders provides the Reds with a competitive advantage in jurisdictions across the country.

Complexities abound in the world of workers’ compensation, compounded by the Reds’ largely contract-based workforce that travels regularly as part of the job.  Dinsmore attorneys provide value through case, claims and scenario analysis as well as settlement valuation and draft agreements, all with an eye toward mitigating risk.  Working closely with Jim Marx, the Reds’ General Counsel, Dinsmore helps the organization handle a variety of workers’ compensation cases, always aiming to resolve issues before they reach the stage where either party feels the need to involve the courts.