Alternative Delivery Providers finance capital improvements to enable better access to health care

Alternative Delivery providers (community health centers, mental health centers and critical access hospitals) provide innovative ways of delivering services to medically underserved and indigent populations, as compared to traditional delivery systems.

Finding optimal ways to deliver health care services is a challenge in any market and new approaches have been developed to care for people in rural areas, people with low-incomes, and people from various ethnic backgrounds. Our clients finance capital facilities with tax-exempt bonds, sometimes combined with federal grant monies for capital improvements, primarily to construct outpatient clinics for medical, dental and mental health services.

Critical access hospitals such as Family Health West provide short-term hospitalization and emergency care to people in rural areas so patients do not have to travel long distances to obtain basic services. Most bonds associated with these transactions are purchased by commercial banks. Our extensive experience in municipal finance bank transactions (we were ranked number six nationally in 2014 by Thompson Reuters for bank-qualified transactions) helps us create financing documents that are tailored to the business models represented by these alternative providers.

We have helped these organizations finance numerous projects across the State of Colorado, including acting as bond counsel for the issuance of $9.1 million of tax-exempt bonds for the acquisition of an acute care hospital building by Peak Vista Health Services in Colorado Springs. Our client then renovated the building into an outpatient clinic and administrative offices with part of the bond proceeds. Portions of the building were leased to allied service providers, creating greater efficiencies, but also requiring us to do a more in depth tax analysis.

Our other alternative delivery clients include Plan de Salud del Valle, Metro Community Provider Network, Aurora Mental Health, Arapahoe Douglas Mental Health Center and Family Health West, all in Colorado.