Breach of Stock Purchase Agreement with Alleged Fraud-Related Counterclaims

When early negotiations failed, I filed suit on behalf of a group of shareholders who were seeking recovery of contingent payments from a multi-billion dollar international corporation. The payments were owed for breach of a stock purchase agreement and for unauthorized transfers of intellectual property. The opposing corporation filed fraud-related counterclaims, vigorously contesting the claim. I advised the client at each step, including seeking detailed discovery and undertaking thorough analysis of intellectual property transfers to demonstrate the triggering of payment obligations. I personally handled five key depositions of lead witnesses, and our team handled more than 20 depositions overall. I also employed a predictive coding document review system, enabling our team to efficiently examine approximately 250,000 of the opponents’ documents as we prepared our case against a better-financed adversary. The corporation decided to settle the matter prior to trial, resulting in the successful resolution of contingent payments owed to the client under the stock purchase agreement.