Counseling Castellini Group of Companies as They've Grown

A Clear Vision of Tomorrow
Dinsmore counsels Castellini through growth

Growth is often a double-edged sword for businesses.  New markets and expanded capabilities often bring new personnel, ideas and approaches that impact everything from operations and service to culture.  Remaining true to the original vision and goals amidst change is challenging.  The ability to focus on company pillars can be a significant determining factor in the long-term health of any business.

Founded more than 115 years ago, Castellini has found a way to maintain a family atmosphere, even as they’ve transformed from a small fruit and vegetable supplier on the banks of the Ohio River to one of the country’s leading fresh produce suppliers.  Through Castellini’s growth, which has included the addition of several smaller and related companies, Dinsmore has been at their side, counseling them through everything from their corporate structure to facility relocations and strategic acquisitions. 

When Castellini’s headquarters on the riverfront was displaced, our team helped with the relocation effort, meeting with city and county officials on both sides of the river before securing their current site in Northern Kentucky.  We’ve also assisted with a variety of real estate acquisitions and dispositions, handling everything from contract negotiations to executing the transactions, even settling an important eminent domain matter with Hamilton County.

As Castellini has grown through acquisition, we’ve been there to help integrate new entities into a corporate structure designed to help the company remain competitive while also protecting their interests.  By providing a big-picture perspective, our attorneys have been able to advise Castellini about the short and long-term impacts of each acquisition, drawing upon our knowledge of their operations to fully analyze the risk and reward each opportunity posed.

Generations of Dinsmore attorneys have worked alongside Castellini’s leaders.  By immersing ourselves in their culture, studying their operations, and more importantly, learning their challenges, we’re able to help Castellini maintain their vision and their place as one of the leaders in the produce industry.