Defended insurance company against allegations of bad faith

On behalf of an insurer client, I successfully litigated and resolved an insurance coverage claim seeking $1.5 million in coverage and an additional $2.2 million in punitive damages for alleged bad faith. The claim involved storm damage that allegedly occurred on dozens of roofs at an insured homeowners association. I led the team which first reviewed and analyzed historical documentation and communications relating to the financial, maintenance, and governance issues at the association. I then worked with experts to understand the alleged damages and roof conditions. Armed with data about the association’s roofs and finances, I then deposed the homeowners’ association president, treasurer, and maintenance chairperson. I was able to gain admissions of reasonable handling by our client and admissions of past roofing and maintenance issues unrelated to storm damage. I used these admissions to file a detailed motion for summary judgment, which helped lead to a successful mediation and settlement in February 2014.