Financing the Future

The Business of the Business
Castellini turns to Dinsmore to navigate many of its financing transactions

Every business needs access to proper financing channels to grow and prosper.  Understanding available financing options that make new investments, improvements and expansions possible is vitally important, as is the ability to anticipate potential problems and formulate strategies that minimize risk.

Dinsmore attorneys are proud to have played an integral role in the growth of Castellini through helping to structure, monitor and negotiate many of their financing transactions.  We work as a trusted partner of not only Castellini, but also with many of their related companies, including Interstate Truckway, Merchants Cold Storage and CCW Realty, enabling our team to provide a holistic approach to financing matters.  We counsel in many of the financial transactions for Castellini’s operations and our team has a thorough understanding of each facet of Castellini, providing us with valuable knowledge about the short and long-term implications of every financing transaction.

Product safety and quality are two Castellini hallmarks.  The financing transactions our team helps to negotiate and execute, from commercial real estate loans and lines of credit to capital equipment loans, aid in Castellini’s acquisition of new capabilities, facilities, upgraded equipment and most importantly, the flexibility to respond to unforeseen opportunities.

Our understanding of the Castellini culture has also enabled us to bring a higher level of consistency to the financing process.  On behalf of Castellini, we work with a number of regional and national banks on transactions.  We endeavor to standardize the document language and process as much as possible, resulting in efficiencies and greater predictability for Castellini.

As Castellini has grown, so too has the relationship with Dinsmore.  By bringing consistency and efficiency to their financing processes and procedures, we’re able to be a stronger advocate for their success.