Ellen has served as counsel for a community hospital which filed Chapter 11 and ultimately sold to a nearby metro hospital system, a Chapter 11 Trustee appointed to liquidate an operating hospital, counsel for an unsecured creditors committee in a Chapter 11 case in which the debtor was an operating hospital which emerged from the bankruptcy process pursuant to a plan of reorganization, and the principal owners of a small regional hospital which was ultimately sold. Through this work, Ellen is well-versed in the unique challenges of operating a healthcare business in and out of the bankruptcy context. She has experience dealing with administrative agencies such as the United States Department of Health and Human Services and similar state agencies for the purpose of collecting Medicare/Medicaid reimbursements and navigating the setoff process for the benefit of her clients. As a participant in the sales of hospitals and clinics, Ellen is aware of the challenges in selling health care assets, and knows how to transfer operational permits and patient data in compliance with applicable state and federal law.