Purchase of Related Entities

When presented with the opportunity to purchase and manage the print directories and internet-based, local search services in the State of Alaska, the State of Hawaii and the greater Cincinnati metropolitan area, Kith Media turned to Dinsmore to help turn opportunity into reality.

Following extensive due diligence, we guided Kith Media through negotiations with interested parties, multiple transactions and executed a management agreement. In 2012, Kith Media assumed ownership and manages multiple properties, including core brands ACS Yellow Pages, Hawaiian Telecom Yellow Pages and Cincinnati Bell Directory Yellow Pages.

The company is the largest publisher of print and digital advertising directories in both Alaska and Hawaii and is the dominant player in Cincinnati, OH, the 27th largest metropolitan area in the country, with combined advertising revenue of more than $150,000,000.

Kith Media supports more than 25,000 local advertisers and 1,000 national advertisers. The company publishes 40 print directories and distributes more than 5.4 million copies to businesses and residences across their combined service areas.