Received Summary Judgment in Case Involving Allegations of Age Discrimination

We represented our client, Humana, in a matter involving a former employee, who alleged our client violated the Age Discrimination in Employment Act and Ohio’s nondiscrimination statute under theories of discrimination, retaliation, and disparate impact. We won summary judgment on all of the plaintiff’s claims. After thoroughly reviewing the company’s reduction-in-force procedures which resulted in the plaintiff’s termination, Judge Beckwith agreed the plaintiff could not “establish a prima facie case of age discrimination relative to his termination in the reduction-in-force because he has not provided additional direct, circumstantial, or statistical evidence tending to indicate that he was discharged because of his age.” (Gilster v. Humana Marketpoint, Inc., S.D. Ohio, Case No. 1:14 CV 961, 1/19/16).