Representation of Enerfab, Inc.

Representation for over twenty years of Enerfab, Inc., an Ohio based entity that supplies: power plant maintenance and construction services, (including clean air technologies); storage plants and facilities for fresh (not from concentrate) orange juice in Florida and Spain; tanks, fabricated systems and construction services in the brewing industry; manufacture and supply of tank heads throughout North America; fabrication of carbon and stainless steel tanks, piping and products for a variety of industries.

Representative mergers and acquisitions and business transactions:

A. Negotiation of agreements for the construction and maintenance of aseptic orange juice storage facilities for such customers as Tropicana, CitroSuco North America, Sunkist Growers, and Golden Gem. Multiple projects with construction values in the hundreds of millions of dollars for the construction and maintenance of storage facilities with capacities in the tens of millions of gallons.

B. Multiple acquisitions of power plant maintenance and construction companies, including Fischback Power Services, Phillips Getchow Company, Aycock, Inc and others. Businesses acquired have yielded sales to Enerfab in the tens of millions of dollars.

C. Acquisition of the heads division of Trinity Industries, consolidating Enerfab's position as a significant supplier of heads to the North American market.

D. Acquisition of the Hamilton Kettles division of Allegheny Hancock, a transaction accretive to Enerfab's position in the heads market.

E. Assorted transaction agreements with Principal U.S. brewing companies, including Anheuser Busch, Coors-Molson, and Miller brands involving sales of goods and services related to brewery operation, maintenance, and construction.