Represented Client Against Allegations of Mismanaged Self-Insured Funds

In order to provide reasonable cost insurance to local Kentucky school boards, the Kentucky School Board Association (KSBA) created the Kentucky School Board Insurance Trust (KSBIT) and in particular two self-insured funds – one for workers compensation and one for property and liability claims. KSBA directly managed the funds for many years, and in later years utilized an outside entity third party administrator to handle claims. Financial examinations conducted by the Kentucky Department of Insurance from 2005 forward revealed the funds were consistently in a deficit position. Despite calls from DOI examiners, DOI did not order any assessments, and KSBA did not seek any from its members. The Kentucky League of Cities assumed management responsibilities in 2010. Despite new efficiencies and cost savings, the funds continued to be in a deficit position and KLC called for an assessment of members in 2012. Ultimately, the funds went into rehabilitation in 2013, and large assessments totaling approximately $50 million were ordered by the Franklin Circuit Court. The firm represented the Kentucky League of Cities in litigation challenging its management of the two self-insured funds, and in particular the rates charged to members and its change of TPA. The claims against the Kentucky League of Cities were settled in late 2015. The rehabilitator’ claims against KSBA and the KSBIT Board remain pending.