Structured and Organized the Business Foundation for a Minority Business Enterprise

Built to Last

Even with a clear vision and determined personnel, forming and structuring a new company presents plenty of challenges. Finding a niche in the marketplace, attracting and retaining clients, and building a solid foundation all are steps in the process that pose issues, and a company’s ability to navigate those issues is often the determining factor in its success.

When Carl Satterwhite, a former facilities manager at Procter and Gamble and Founder of Infinity Services, and Scott Robertson, owner of Globe Business Interiors, made the decision to create a minority-owned business enterprise focused on furniture distribution and resale, they quickly turned to Dinsmore. Our team worked with Satterwhite and Robertson to guide them through not only the minority business certification process, but also the structuring of their new company. Working with a new initiative at the Greater Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce called the Minority Business Accelerator (MBA), our team not only successfully formed River City Furniture - now known as RCF Group - but also helped RCF Group become the first joint venture facilitated by the MBA. While securing the MBE (Minority Business Enterprise) certification from the South Central Ohio Minority Business Council was a landmark step in the formation of RCF Group, our team also worked extensively to ensure that RCF Group was built to last based on the strength of its value proposition.

In terms of structuring RCF Group, our attorneys partnered with Robertson and Satterwhite to build a blueprint for both short-term viability and long-term success, relying on their collective perspectives of the furniture supply business to guide the process. After establishing RCF Group as a limited liability company with Carl as the majority owner, we then helped arrange the sale of Globe’s furniture distribution and resale arm to RCF Group, enabling them to have their own revenue stream and balance sheet from the first day. The structure of the company and the financing of the purchase were completed in a way that confirmed a long-term commitment from both GBI and RCF Group, adding to the credibility of this minority-led venture. The structure also ensured that RCF Group would have the financial resources and scalability to effectively service large corporate customers committed to diversifying their supplier base.

The dedication and drive of both Satterwhite and Robertson, coupled with the diligence of Dinsmore, has enabled RCF Group to grow exponentially, as they have ventured into other related business areas. Even more significantly, Dinsmore’s work in getting RCF Group certified as an MBE has established RCF Group as a leader in the minority business community. They lead through understanding the structure, growth and vision of RCF Group is touted as a true success story.

RCF Group serves Fortune 500 companies, has thrived and continues to grow, and our attorneys remain integrated with the business. In their early years, we helped establish an Advisory Council that identified potential issues within RCF Group, even serving on that council to offer insight that kept their business moving in a positive direction. Our team has worked with RCF Group since its first day, therefore we understand their business, industry, and we’ve become a trusted partner in their success.