Successful defense of client in TRO hearing regarding allegations of fraud and embezzlement

Rick Porotsky led a four-day TRO hearing which vindicated our client, who had been unjustly accused of fraud and embezzlement in his role as manager of a $50 million real estate complex. After an initial ex-parte TRO had removed our client from his managerial role, the court permitted arguments, cross examination, and expert testimony. Mr. Porotsky played the lead role in developing and presenting the case, working closely with forensic accounting experts to address detailed accounting issues. Mr. Porotsky’s presentation and examinations in court led the court to reverse its initial conclusions, finding that the opponent acted without foundation, in an appalling fashion, and with sinister motives when it accused our client of wrongdoing. The client was fully re-instated in his role as manager, and a new TRO prevented the opponent from acting to remove him while the case proceeded, now with counterclaims by our client. Ultimately, the parties reached a resolution to dismiss the matter with our client retaining his role as manager