James A. Dimitrijevs

Best Practices for Managing International Trademark Portfolios

September 24, 2019Articles
Westlaw Journal Intellectual Property (Thomson Reuters)

"Managing international trademark portfolios in the age of globalization can be a fickle endeavor. E-commerce has blown the top off traditional thinking as it relates not only to advising clients on what and where to file, but also regarding how to strategically maintain those filings in the face of an increasingly crowded and adversarial global marketplace. Uncertainty in the market, such as the U.S.-Chinese trade war, has caused its share of concern. However, there are still opportunities to expand brands globally."

Thomson Reuters' Westlaw Journal Intellectual Property has published the above article by Dinsmore IP attorneys James Theo and James Dimitrijevs. To read it in full, click "Download a PDF of this piece" above.