Dinsmore's Samantha Hargitt Explains Firm Recruitment Priorities in Indiana

February 2, 2022Quotes & Mentions
Indiana Lawyer

Dinsmore recruiting Indiana Samantha Hargitt

Dinsmore partner Samantha Hargitt recently spoke with The Indiana Lawyer for an article about the current legal job market. She explained how Dinsmore remains attractive to candidates and what the firm's Indiana offices are prioritizing when it comes to recruitment. An excerpt is below.

Samantha Hargitt remembered that when she graduated from Indiana University Maurer School of Law in 2013, the job market was so depressed that new lawyers were focused on just finding a job and worried about the firm’s culture later.

Now, leading the recruiting effort for Dinsmore & Shohl’s Indianapolis office, Hargitt is seeing not only more job openings but also new competitors. Bigger firms that do not have an office in Indiana have been trying to lure Hoosier attorneys with the offer that they can continue to live where they do and work remotely.

Dinsmore recruitment partner Samantha Hargitt Indianapolis

“I think our job in terms of recruiting and retention, as a firm, is just to continue to try to make our firm the best option for as many people as we possibly can,” Hargitt said, “and continue to support that collegial culture and continue to support folks’ desire to do sophisticated and interesting work for great clients.”

Compensation is always going to be an important factor, she said — it is the easiest for the candidate to understand. However, an increasing number of potential hires are putting more emphasis on finding the “right place” where they fit well with their co-workers.

Dinsmore is able to respond to that shift because it has always focused on the firm’s culture, Hargitt said. As she explained, the firm has good lawyers who are also nice people, helping to create a collegial environment. In addition, the clients are bringing in complex and interesting legal matters, which provides great opportunities for young lawyers to get experience.

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