Kentucky Law Firm Leaders’ Verdict for 2020: More Growth

February 4, 2020Quotes & Mentions
The Lane Report

Dinsmore Lexington Office Managing Partner Chauncey Curtz spoke with The Lane Report about the legal and economic landscape for Kentucky in 2020. See what he had to say below:

“On the local and national levels, the shake-up of government leadership at the end of 2019 does not look as though it is likely to pose much risk to what is an overall positive outlook for the economy. However, challenges could arise in the commonwealth with respect to international trade. If our trade disputes with the Chinese continue, they could contribute to a possible slowdown of real GDP growth during the coming year. Employment growth in Kentucky is expected to continue, particularly in the areas of nonfarm and educational services. These are only a few of the ever-changing and uncertain issues that Dinsmore attorneys are dedicated to monitoring, communicating about, and helping navigate for our clients.” — Chauncey Curtz, Lexington Office Managing Partner, Dinsmore & Shohl

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