Dinsmore's Bobby Lucas on Billing—'You Have to Make Sure All of Your I’s Are Dotted And All of Your T’s Are Crossed'

December 2, 2019Quotes & Mentions American Lawyer

Many law firms are sitting on piles of unpaid bills. Dinsmore Chicago Office Managing Partner Bobby Lucas spoke to about how Dinsmore fits into that trend ("the firm’s average collection time from clients has dropped") and what the firm does to maintain its success in this climate.

“It’s more, for us, staying on top of it and making sure any increases in our inventory are due to the fact that we are very productive and billing more time,” Lucas said, who added that inventory rates can also adjust if a law firm has increased its billing rates.

“You have to make sure all of your I’s are dotted and all of your T’s are crossed,” Lucas said. “There can be a number of things that can contribute to a slower collection.”

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