More In-Person Union Votes Likely With New Pandemic Test

October 3, 2022Quotes & Mentions
Law 360

Dinsmore labor partner Mark Carter reflected on National Labor Relations Board's decision to change the in-person voting standards. According to a Law360 article, experts expecting this decision to lead to more votes in person. An excerpt is below:

The National Labor Relations Board recently made a small but potentially significant tweak to its standard for when to conduct union representation elections by mail during the COVID-19 pandemic, with experts expecting the decision to lead to more votes in person.

The Sept. 29 decision in a case involving Starbucks made a change to the standard the NLRB established in a 2020 ruling called Aspirus Keweenaw, which set out a series of six factors the board's regional offices should consider when deciding on the method of a union representation election.

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