Adjust Your Strategy When More Than Two Parties are Involved

Mediation Minute

Dealing with additional parties in negotiation can be a challenge especially if there are multiple defendants in a case.

Negotiation, though typically thought of in terms of two opposing parties, can be successful with two or more parties. However, when two or more parties are involved strategies need to be adjusted. Like any opposing party, remember that each party has multiple interests and don’t assume parties have identical interests even if they are on the “same side”.

Sometimes if there are multiple parties on either side, it may be important to have a negotiation/mediation among co-plaintiffs or co-defendants.

It will become important to utilize the same process as noted in this series of articles.  Other parties that may be on the same side of an issue but have different positions or interests concerning the outcome. Planning ahead to deal with multiple parties will enhance the likelihood of a team approach to settlement.