Unsure Bet: The Future of Daily Fantasy Exchange Wagering

September 18, 2013Articles
Gaming Law Review and Economics

Fueled by technological change, fantasy sports have enjoyed incredible growth in the twenty-first century. Since 1980, when writer Daniel Okrent explained his invention of ‘‘Rotisserie’’ major league baseball (MLB) to a few friends in an eponymous New York restaurant, fantasy sports has grown into a global business with over 35 million participants in North America alone. As originally designed, a fantasy sports participant acted as a ‘‘make believe’’ general manager who selected real MLB or National Football League (NFL) players for his fantasy roster, competed for pride and relatively small cash prizes awarded on a one-time basis at the end of the season. As rules and regulations continue to change as the online world expands, Dinsmore's Kevin Braig, Andrew Polesovsky, Laura D’Angelo, and Kerry Irwin worked together to published a guide to what the future looks like for daily fantasy sports exchange wagering. Click the link below to access the full article.