Virtual Mediations: Seeing Eye to Eye from a Social Distance

October 23, 2020Articles
CBA Report

Dinsmore partner and ADR Center mediator Michael Hawkins authored an article in the summer edition of the Cincinnati Bar Association's CBA Report entitled "Virtual Mediations: Seeing Eye to Eye from a Social Distance."

Working remotely and addressing issues of social and physical distancing while keeping cases moving has brought about the utilization of virtual mediation. It allows parties to resolve their disputes while addressing health concerns brought on by COVID-19. It has also demonstrated to parties that disputes can be resolved without physical presence and travel, while retaining a measure of the traditional face-to-face approach.

Will virtual mediations replace the face-to-face mediation session or settlement conference? I do not believe so. However, there is no question that more mediations will be done virtually as parties, counsel and mediators gain more experience in using both the tools available and those yet to be developed. The following are recommended best practices for virtual mediation:

Download the PDF of this article to read the rest and learn Hawkins' recommended best practices for virtual mediation.