It’s unlikely Frank F. Dinsmore could have envisioned the journey he would begin when he opened a small law office on Cincinnati’s Walnut Street in 1908, six years after graduating with honors from Cincinnati Law School.

After he opened the office, Dinsmore hired a recent Harvard Law School graduate named Walter M. Shohl, whom he would make his partner in 1912. Together, the two started to make a name for the firm by successfully defending legendary banker George “Boss” Cox in two separate trials in 1913. As the firm’s reputation grew, so did the staff. Over the next 70 years, the firm would move three times, add various partners and undergo five name changes before eventually settling with “Dinsmore & Shohl” in 1982. What began as a small private practice at the turn of the century had not only endured the times, but thrived enough to begin expansion. In the late 1980s, two more offices opened, followed by seven more over the next 20 years.

Although the firm has understandably changed and evolved over the last century, the original mission has remained constant. A commitment to clients is still the hallmark of Dinsmore – a legacy that will forever endure.

  • 1908: Frank F. Dinsmore opens private practice on Walnut Street in Cincinnati
  • 1912: Walter M. Shohl becomes a partner at Dinsmore’s practice
  • 1947: Potter Stewart joins firm as an associate
  • 1959: Potter Stewart appointed to United States Supreme Court
  • 1987: Firm opens offices in Dayton and Columbus
  • 1997: Firm opens offices in Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky
  • 2002: Firm opens offices in Charleston, West Virginia and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • 2003: Firm merges with Killworth, Gottman, Hagen & Schaeff, L.L.P. in Dayton, Ohio
  • 2007: Firm opens offices in Morgantown and Wheeling, West Virginia
  • 2008: Firm merges with Chernesky, Heyman & Kress P.L.L. in Dayton, Ohio
  • 2009: Firm opens office in Frankfort, Kentucky and merges with Woodward, Hobson & Fulton, L.L.P. in Louisville, Kentucky
  • 2011: Firm opens offices in Washington, D.C. and Lewisburg, West Virginia
  • 2012: Firm opens office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • 2014: Firm merges with Peck, Shaffer & Williams in Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio; adds offices in Chicago, Illinois, Covington, Kentucky and Denver, Colorado
  • 2015: Firm merges with Huddleston Bolen LLP in Charleston, West Virginia and Louisville, Kentucky and adds office in Huntington, West Virginia; Firm merges with Gifford Krass and adds offices in Detroit and Ann Arbor, Michigan and Mystic, Connecticut; Firm merges with Leventhal Law and adds an office in San Diego, California