Corporate & Transactional

Business is competition. From the physical realm to the digital universe, you compete for everything from talented employees and resources to business intelligence and market share. The legal input is but one of dozens of factors involved in a company’s day-to-day strategic decisions; however, your legal counsel and how the law shapes your business can also be one of the most critical competitive advantages at your disposal.

Dinsmore attorneys take a holistic approach to corporate law. We have a deep understanding of the interplay between business practices, legal systems and regulatory situations. More importantly, we understand that every client is unique and each requires a strategy that addresses their current circumstances and future goals.

Dinsmore attorneys and professionals are known for best-in-class corporate solutions — locally, regionally and nationally. We combine extensive legal experience with business sense in helping our clients navigate the many complex legal and business issues that challenge their organizations. Each year, our growing practice closes an array of financing transactions, numerous mergers and acquisitions and counsels clients with respect to corporate governance, capital formation, securities, real estate, restructuring and tax matters. In this competitive landscape, we encourage you to be strategic.