Real Estate

Confidence plays an important role in ensuring the stability of our real estate markets. From owners to developers to investors to landlords and corporate tenants, clients must have confidence in their ability to negotiate and obtain lease agreements, financing arrangements, development agreements and other land use documents to create project opportunities. They must secure economic incentives, zoning approvals and other entitlements to spur projects forward. Confidence to take the first step with any project is critical, and confidence in your legal counsel to assist you through to the last step is our goal.

We’ve earned the confidence of our clients. Prior to World War II, Dinsmore assembled hundreds of parcels, as part of a top secret project on behalf of the US Government that formed the footprint of the Wright Aeronautical Plant in southwestern Ohio. More recently, our clients trusted us to assemble, lease, finance and close on a half billion dollars worth of modern retail developments stretching from Michigan to Florida. Complementing our legal services is Mercantile Title Agency, Inc., wholly owned by Dinsmore, which provides timely and cost-effective title and escrow services to our clients. Our knowledge, experience and network of relationships form the foundation of continued client confidence.

Navigating the labyrinth of governmental rules and regulations that affect real estate requires a profound and evolving knowledge of the real estate industry. Whether it is preparing a land use application for permit approval or appearing before an administrative board for a real estate tax valuation, Dinsmore attorneys are prepared to advocate for their clients’ property rights. Our depth of experience has enabled us to handle myriad issues for clients, ranging from negotiating retail leases to preparing joint operating agreements for oil and gas exploratory efforts. In fact, our Midwest footprint is spreading to accommodate our client’s needs where ever they are located.

Additionally, we are sometimes called upon to protect our clients’ investments, and we are more than capable of litigating any real estate dispute. We seek to defend and enhance our clients’ assets, and understand and perform within the tight deadlines and unrelenting pressures associated with our clients’ transactions. From the top-secret to the bottom-line, we earn our clients’ confidence every day.