2019 Health Care Law Institute

October 2, 2019
Ohio State Bar Association

Navigating the Ins and Outs of Telemedicine

The push to improve patient care comes with advances in technology.
As with many new technologies, advancements sometimes create more
questions than answers, particularly as they relate to reimbursement,
licensure, credentialing, and prescribing. In this presentation, you will learn
about the newest regulatory and legislative developments in telehealth and
telemedicine, as well as what to watch for in the future. The following topics
will be addressed:

  • The basics: definition of telemedicine, discussion of its current usage, and addressing the benefits of telemedicine for providers;
  • Discussion of benefits and barriers of telemedicine;
  • Review of various state legislative approaches to telemedicine, including recent state law developments;
  • Analysis of various telehealth programs;
  • Discussion of legal issues surrounding mobile health applications; and
  • The future of telemedicine.