COVID-19 Vaccination Webinar

February 3, 2021 at 8:00am9:00am

As Ohio receives and begins to administer its first wave of vaccines to help combat the coronavirus pandemic, many of our region’s businesses (particularly small business employers) are looking for facts and information to help guide future decision-making that will directly impact their operations and workforce.  To help, COSE, the small business division of the Greater Cleveland Partnership has developed a webinar that will get you the facst and information you need to make informed decisions.  We will be joined by experts from the medical, legal, and corporate communities.

  • Our medical expert Dr. Book Watts, Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, Community & Public Health at MetroHealth will share what employers can expect in terms of the timing of vaccine rollouts in the coming weeks or months, who is eligible for a vaccine today and once eligible, how one can request and receive a vaccine.

  • Our legal expert Richik Sarkar, Partner at Dinsmore & Shohl LLP will discuss if employers in Ohio can require workers to get a coronavirus vaccine as a condition of employment, if there are exceptions, and can or should employers persuade, incentivize, or mandate vaccinations.

  • Our representative from the corporate community Martha Lanning, Director - Health & Welfare Plans at The Sherwin-Williams Company will present what businesses are doing today to plan for the rollout of Ohio’s vaccines and how employers are handling questions about vaccines once they become more widely available. 

Each of our panelists will present information based on their area of expertise and we will then open the conversation up to allow them to address your questions and concerns.