International Trademark Portfolio Management Strategy: The Good, the Bad and the Costly

May 13, 2021 at 12:00pm1:00pm (CDT)

Trademarks are an essential component of your brand’s business strategy, especially when you’re operating across international borders. Whether establishing a foothold in anticipation of expansion into a new territory, ensuring freedom to operate in an unfamiliar jurisdiction, or aggressively enforcing your rights under local law, a sound international trademark strategy is critical for growth. Unfortunately, the costs associated with obtaining, protecting and managing an international trademark portfolio can be high, and local laws and practices may seem unclear.  For these reasons it is often difficult to develop an international strategy that provides you with the protection and maneuverability you need at a cost that makes sense. At Dinsmore, we grapple with developing and implementing cost effective and efficient strategies on a daily basis for clients big and small, and we would love to share our insight, advice, and cost saving measures with you.

In this presentation, we unpack how to efficiently and effectively obtain trademark rights in jurisdictions throughout the world, and how to protect and license those international trademark assets in a way that maximizes value without blowing up the budget. If you or your business are managing a foreign or domestic trademark portfolio, or know someone who does, it will be an hour well-spent. You may view individual topic segments by clicking on the list icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the play bar and selecting a topic.

Highlights: Cost-Saving Tips

James Theo shares cost-saving strategies for prosecuting trademarks in overseas markets.
Sean Price shares cost-saving tips about engaging local counsel as you license your trademarks in foreign markets.