Judicial and Legislative Developments Affecting the LGBTQ+ Community

October 20, 2021 at 12:00pm1:00pm (EDT)
Justin M. Burns, Cam Gatta | Assistant General Counsel - Microsoft

Federal, state, local laws, and non-discrimination policies have been in a state of flux over the past half-century with respect to protecting the LGBTQ+ community. Although same-sex couples have the freedom to marry nationwide, LGBTQ+ people are still at risk in many locations for activities many take for granted: renting an apartment, posting a picture of a same-sex spouse at work, and ordering a meal at a local restaurant, to name a few. Some states have even introduced legislation allowing doctors to refuse treatment based on the doctor’s moral beliefs. Not surprisingly, therefore, LGBTQ+ people and companies alike are forced to navigate an arena that can vary greatly depending on locale.

Join attorneys from Dinsmore’s LGBTQ Affinity Group and Cam Gatta, Assistant General Counsel from Microsoft, for a one-hour webinar discussing recent legal developments and anticipated decisions affecting the LGBTQ+ community. We will review recent judicial decisions, cases we are monitoring, and developments from state legislatures. The discussion will be relevant to employers, businesses, and LGBTQ+ people and their allies alike.

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