Understanding the Risks of Allowing Marijuana at Ohio Assisted Living Communities

April 20, 2023

From the baby boomer generation on down, medical and recreational use of marijuana continues to become more prevalent throughout society. While acceptance continues to grow, pertinent laws and regulations have not always followed suit, requiring various industries to analyze the risks and benefits that marijuana presents for their businesses. It is of paramount importance that long-term care facilities such as independent living, assisted living, and nursing homes understand the state and federal regulations that can be implicated due to marijuana. Indeed, the continued viability of these facilities can depend on it, particularly since elderly and infirm individuals have embraced marijuana as an alternative treatment modality for a variety of health care conditions and maladies. This webinar will help assisted living facilities as well as their leaders, staff and advisors understand the regulatory landscape in order to help them determine how to best handle medical marijuana use and possession at their facilities.